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Welcome to my site

Hi, my name is Tammy, also known as Everybody’s Favorite Auntie, EFA for short. I welcome you into my site, a place where you can be safe. 

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My Favorite Quote

"Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position." —Brian Tracy

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Founder & CEO

Meet   Tamara Rashelle

Born a prophet formed into an intercessor. An Author, Coach, Entrepreneur, Teacher, and Preacher, this is the evolution of Tamara Rashelle. She has emerged on the scene as a quiet storm. From Periscope to Facebook and YouTube lives, Tamara has amassed a following of those whose hunger for God is complemented by her ability to serve them with prayer. 

Posting pictures for presentation during the pandemic she has now turned her passion for cuisine and the fusion of flavor into a business venture; Everybody’s Favorite Auntie, LLC. What started out as mere meal prep, has quickly evolved into a conglomerate of other ventures. One being Everybody’s Favorite Auntie Life Coaching. 

A certified Coach, Tamara Rashelle’s testimony and life experience will be utilized to snatch a generation out of brokenness, past hurts, and mental instability and into a life of freedom. Her training has come through the school of Holy Spirit, mentors, and teachers. 

Never following the beaten path, Tamara Rashelle is an innovator and pioneer.

This is her EVOLUTION!

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