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About Me

I enjoy many things, including sporting events, reading, writing, and cooking for others. Culinary arts were something that always interested me; however, I pursued Accounting instead. During the pandemic, I began posting pictures of my food for presentation only. It turned into the business I have now and has expanded. 

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My Beginnings

During her formative years, Tamara Rashelle always referred to herself as a writer. She knew early on that she had many creative giftings, and one was the gift of making people laugh. Born and raised in Waukegan, IL, Tamara Rashelle received her love for reading from her mother and writing was instinctive. In elementary school, when she failed to do her latest reading assignment, she made up for it in her ability to compose titles, characters and storylines, and subsequently passed with flying colors; it was there Tamara Rashelle’s gift was born.


My Story

Since the emergence of her first book, Tamara Rashelle has crossed the aisle from fiction to nonfiction. Her story is being told in a way that will bring healing to hurting, and freedom to the imprisoned. With a focus on the soul, Tamara is using her spiritual maturation and experience in fasting and prayer, to show others a better way.


What Lies Ahead

Tamara has been called to be a modern-day Harriett Tubman. She has devoted her life to Christ and the service of his people and freeing them from mental, physical, and emotional trauma. Tamara Rashelle is a multifacted, she is not just an Author. She is also, a visionary, Creative, Builder and businesswoman. 

There is more to come from Tamara Rashelle, so stay tuned!  

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